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3rd November 2012, 18:00

I have a book out about Denmark. It’s called How to be Danish.

If you like The Killing, Borgen or The Bridge, then you might like this too! Using these shows as a starting point, the book aims to provide a wider context to the bits of Denmark that over the past few years have intrigued some of us in Britain – an accessible panorama of Danish life, written from an English perspective. You can order it here. It’s out now, and it’s the perfect Christmas present for all Scandi fans – or indeed anyone interested in a different way of doing things. The New York Times said it was “fascinating“. It was a travel book of the month at The Sunday Times, who called it “eloquent and inquiring”. The lovely books blog BookBag judged it ”so interesting that you’re likely to want to run through it in one go.”

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Alternative communities – got any tips?

20th September 2012, 20:28
I’m writing a series of (all too short) mini-columns for the Guardian about alternative communities. It’s called Doing Things Differently, and you can see the  landing page here. It’s basically a response to everyone who says another world isn’t possible: it is, and it’s already here. Take that, pessimists! So far I’ve written one piece on participatory democracy in Porto Alegre, and another community land trusts in Eigg. Next week’s is about Abahlali baseMjondolo, the land movement in South Africa.On the list below, I’ve mentioned some of the places I’m interested in turning to next. But if you’ve an idea for somewhere else I could profile, get in touch! Equally, if you’re involved with one of the below, I’d love to hear from you. I’m at Drop me a line.



- Die Tagezeitung

- Semco

- One Click Orgs



- Beyond growth conference / Attac

- Sem Terra – Sumak Kawsay / Buen Vivir / Cochabamba

- (Abahlali baseMjondolo)



- Hackspaces



- Marinaleda

- Gaviotas

- Christiania

- (Eigg)

- (Porto Alegre)



- Lumiar

- Summerhill




FC United

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… but I’ll get around to it eventually. In the meantime, check out my more recent work on my Guardian landing page. My Twitter’s here, my Facebook page is there, and my bio’s right… here.

You can see some of my visual work via the tabs above. The written pieces I’m proudest of are under the ‘info’ tab.

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Interest in diving is at an all-time high – so why has Britain lost nearly two-thirds of its diving boards in the last 30 years? My sixth g2 cover. Featuring me in my swimming trunks.

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I spent four days with a lovely Polish family; the Baniaks of Nowa Huta, near Krakow. The piece kick-started our Poland week – the last instalment of the Guardian’s month-long New Europe special.

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Another cover-story, this one. Ahead of the March for the Alternative, the largest union rally in decades, I interviewed six marchers about why they were coming.

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Wake up the nation
– NME, 18 March

5th April 2011, 23:16

A profile of the protest movement so far, and an introduction to the upcoming March for the Alternative.

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Answer: no. But it’s pretty cool.

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Dr Wu
– The Guardian, 17 March

5th April 2011, 23:13

My interview with Tim Wu about the potential end of “net neutrality”.

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I snuck into a talk Assange was giving in Cambridge about the internet, and caught him saying some choice words.

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The food editor sent me to eat a foot-long Subway sarnie. In the name of journalism. Still, it did allow me to begin the piece with the sentence: “I feel like I’ve stuffed my stomach with a pork-flavoured duvet.”

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A sideways look at the critical coverage of a new musical, The Wizard of Oz.

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War wounds
– The Guardian, 1 March

5th April 2011, 22:56

I interviewed a survivor of the Cumbria shootings to help illustrate how plastic surgery has been influenced by techniques learnt in war-zones. Inspirational chap, as is his surgeon.

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Using the whole Warne-Hurley rumpus as a starting point, some musings on the way celebrities use Twitter. More interesting than it might initially sound.

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I took four bankers to see Inside Job, a film about the financial crisis, and interviewed them afterwards. They didn’t like it.

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- So what are you doing on Royal Wedding day? (4 April)

- Tennis Girl, and other era-defining posters (23 March)

- Please, Edano, go to bed (14 March)

- E-books on borrowed time (6 March)

- What’s going on inside The Box? A short profile of a new London club (23 Feb)

- The Large Hadron Collider, and its purpose (21 Feb)

- Stuff left inside people during operations (20 Feb)

- When politicians lose their cool (16 Feb)

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I hadn’t made a poster in about 18 months, but I came out of retirement for a friend in Manchester who was putting on some Beckett.

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25oo words on the team behind an exciting new communications system aimed at protestors:

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I wrote a light-hearted commentary on leaked cables from US diplomats posted in far-flung lands for the Guardian’s WikiLeaks supplement on Saturday.

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I spent a day watching a box placed in Tate Modern sculptor Gabriel Orozco. This was the result.

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The Guardian ran an investigation into policemen embedded in protest groups. I did a bit of doorstepping for one of the stories.

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‘Stop Press’
– Varsity, 21 January

6th February 2011, 23:52

My old student paper, Varsity, is moving online. I wrote a comment piece for them about why this is a good thing.

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Aaron Porter gave an interview arguing the student movement should now focus its efforts on university managements, rather than parliament – a line I reported in the Guardian.

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I wrote a few bits and pieces on revelations from the WikiLeaks cables pertaining to Botswana, Nepal, and the Bahamas.

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I spent ages following a bag of Oxfam donations around the country. What the dickens happened to it? Find out, right here.

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Could a book *literally* save your life?

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- How to make tea, according to Christopher Hitchens.

- How to drink beer, according to me.

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Bit of landmark journalism here, about what other people do for New Year’s.

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“I have declared war on Mr Murdoch and I think we are going to win.” And so on.

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I was sifting through more Wikileaks cables last week, with pieces on scientology, Haiti, and Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

(The week before, I wrote two Wikileaks articles on Thailand, and G8.)

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