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3rd November 2012, 18:00

I have a book out about Denmark. It’s called How to be Danish.

If you like The Killing, Borgen or The Bridge, then you might like this too! Using these shows as a starting point, the book aims to provide a wider context to the bits of Denmark that over the past few years have intrigued some of us in Britain – an accessible panorama of Danish life, written from an English perspective. You can order it here. It’s out now, and it’s the perfect Christmas present for all Scandi fans – or indeed anyone interested in a different way of doing things. The New York Times said it was “fascinating“. It was a travel book of the month at The Sunday Times, who called it “eloquent and inquiring”. The lovely books blog BookBag judged it ”so interesting that you’re likely to want to run through it in one go.”

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… but I’ll get around to it eventually. In the meantime, check out my more recent work on my Guardian landing page. My Twitter’s here, my Facebook page is there, and my bio’s right… here.

You can see some of my visual work via the tabs above. The written pieces I’m proudest of are under the ‘info’ tab.

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List of university/college occupations

11th December 2010, 17:57

Some people have been wondering which universities and colleges have been in occupation recently. I visited a few last week, and on my travels I heard mentions of at least 34 48 others – a list which I’ve posted randomly below. Disclaimer: I haven’t verified them all, and many of them aren’t in occupation any longer. Do email me if there are any glaring errors or omissions. The Edinburgh occupation has got an updated list of the still ongoing occupations.

1) UCL
2) Warwick
3) UWE – ongoing 11/12/10
4) Oxford
5) Essex
6) Edinburgh – ongoing 11/12/10
7) SOAS – ongoing 11/12/10
8 Cambridge
9) Southampton
10) Lancaster
11) Nottingham
12) Sheffield – ongoing 11/12/10
13) Glasgow
14) UEL – ongoing 11/12/10
15) London Southbank
16) Roehampton
16) Royal Holloway
17) Cardiff
18) Durham
19) Newcastle – ongoing 11/12/10
20) Bradford
21) Leominster
22) Dursley
23) Winchester
24) Hastings
25) Strathclyde
26) Loughborough
27) Kent
28) Leeds – ongoing 11/12/10, with Leeds Met
29) Leeds Met – ongoing 11/12/10, with Leeds
30) Manchester Met – ongoing 11/12/10
31) Manchester – ongoing 11/12/10
32) Plymouth – ongoing 11/12/10
33) Birmingham
34) Sussex
35) London Met
36) Camden School for Girls


37) Slade

38) LSE

39) Goldsmiths – ongoing 11/12/10

40) UEA – ongoing 11/12/10

41) Camberwell – ongoing 11/12/10

42) Exeter – ongoing 11/12/10

43) Bristol – ongoing 11/12/10

44) York – ongoing 11/12/10

45) Falmouth – ongoing 11/12/10

46) Bath Spa

47) Hull

48) Aberystwyth

Tom shortlisted for Best New Director

25th September 2010, 18:24

So immensely proud of my brother Tom, who’s been shortlisted for Best New Director at the UK Music Video Awards.

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Scene in Cambridge

22nd February 2010, 01:15

I’m quite excited by this new Cambridge fashion blog: Scene in Cambridge.

It’s like The Sartorialist, but for East Anglian undergraduates. Genius.

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My brother’s brilliant new video

18th February 2010, 02:10

My brother Tom has just finished a brilliant new video for the Spanish band Mujeres. Check it out.

His website’s here.

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