I was sifting through more Wikileaks cables last week, with pieces on scientology, Haiti, and Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

(The week before, I wrote two Wikileaks articles on Thailand, and G8.)

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In July, Kanye West joined Twitter and promptly followed just one person – a chap from Coventry who then turned all requests for interviews. Until now!

I also interviewed a taxi driver, and a barman – and did a shorty about something called freediving.

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I’ve been on the Guardian’s Wikileaks team this week and have written a few bits and pieces which can be found here, and here. More to follow.

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- Student protests: NUS vote (December 6)

- Student protests: Cambridge occupation (December 3)

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List of university/college occupations

11th December 2010, 17:57

Some people have been wondering which universities and colleges have been in occupation recently. I visited a few last week, and on my travels I heard mentions of at least 34 48 others – a list which I’ve posted randomly below. Disclaimer: I haven’t verified them all, and many of them aren’t in occupation any longer. Do email me if there are any glaring errors or omissions. The Edinburgh occupation has got an updated list of the still ongoing occupations.

1) UCL
2) Warwick
3) UWE – ongoing 11/12/10
4) Oxford
5) Essex
6) Edinburgh – ongoing 11/12/10
7) SOAS – ongoing 11/12/10
8 Cambridge
9) Southampton
10) Lancaster
11) Nottingham
12) Sheffield – ongoing 11/12/10
13) Glasgow
14) UEL – ongoing 11/12/10
15) London Southbank
16) Roehampton
16) Royal Holloway
17) Cardiff
18) Durham
19) Newcastle – ongoing 11/12/10
20) Bradford
21) Leominster
22) Dursley
23) Winchester
24) Hastings
25) Strathclyde
26) Loughborough
27) Kent
28) Leeds – ongoing 11/12/10, with Leeds Met
29) Leeds Met – ongoing 11/12/10, with Leeds
30) Manchester Met – ongoing 11/12/10
31) Manchester – ongoing 11/12/10
32) Plymouth – ongoing 11/12/10
33) Birmingham
34) Sussex
35) London Met
36) Camden School for Girls


37) Slade

38) LSE

39) Goldsmiths – ongoing 11/12/10

40) UEA – ongoing 11/12/10

41) Camberwell – ongoing 11/12/10

42) Exeter – ongoing 11/12/10

43) Bristol – ongoing 11/12/10

44) York – ongoing 11/12/10

45) Falmouth – ongoing 11/12/10

46) Bath Spa

47) Hull

48) Aberystwyth

Over the weekend I visited three university occupations for a G2 feature.

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While visiting student occupations for my g2 feature, I also filed two news stories:

- NUS president apologises for “spineless dithering” (see below)

- NUS president reneges on legal promise (see the post at 9.56am)

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Here’s my article about a Margaret Thatcher-themed nightclub.

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Patrick Kingsley

I attempted to break the hopping world record this week. I failed, utterly, but you can read about my effort – as well as Lucy Mangan and Leo Hickman’s sprout- and doughnut-eating exploits – right here. There was also a nice picture of me on the cover.

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The news desk sent me up to Cambridge to do this piece on Cambridge students involved in the Millbank occupation.

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I wrote my first Pass Notes last Friday. All very exciting, as PN was what I turned to first when I started reading the paper.

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G2 sent me off to open Tower Bridge all by myself.

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My feature about an exciting ‘interactive online play’. As I termed it.

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- A marriage made in reality TV hell – G2, 20th September

- Mr Loophole – G2, 13th September

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Tom shortlisted for Best New Director

25th September 2010, 18:24

So immensely proud of my brother Tom, who’s been shortlisted for Best New Director at the UK Music Video Awards.

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“Wasted youth?”
– The Guardian

8th September 2010, 17:13

My second G2 cover-story – a 3000-word feature about gap year tourism in Thailand.

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More Guardian articles

8th September 2010, 16:21

- Caught off guard in his favourite blue shirt (G2, 2nd Sept)

- The most successful Dragon’s Den pitch ever? (G2, 24th August)

- Return of the cape (G2, 21st August)

- Sport’s latest sensation: a rubbery bracelet (G2, 2nd August)

- Behind you! Meet Paul Yarrow – TV’s ‘news raider’ (G2, 29th July)

- Petanque: a brief guide (G2, 28th July)

- How to sail around the world the wrong way (G2, 26th July)

- Vampire Weekend’s legal face-off (G2, 26th July)

- The ugliest perfume names ever (G2, 22nd July)

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My first G2 cover – a 2000-word feature about literature’s answer to the Slow Food movement.

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G2 were putting together a camping special – and I was asked to write a feature about the history of the tipi

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Latest batch of Guardian articles

19th July 2010, 23:12

- Space clouds: a briefing (G2, 19th July)

- What next for Paul the psychic octopus? (G2, 12th July)

- Sports Day: a survival guide (G2, 7th July)

- How to make your CV work (G2, 6th July)

- When can kids cycle on their own? (G2, 5th July)

And some even smaller fry:

- How to identify a large blue butterfly (G2, 18th July)

- Once we were teenagers (G2, 16th July)

- My Week: Bav Shergill, dermatologist (G2, 22th June)

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I wrote a double-page feature for G2 last week which attempted to defend the much-hated font Comic Sans.

The print edition looked like this:

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The Staircase Band album design

24th June 2010, 10:07

I recently designed a CD case for my friends’ group, The Staircase Band. They mainly play busy folk music from Eastern Europe, and so they wanted a busy central figure to adorn the cover. I’m not entirely happy with what I came up with, but it definitely evokes the band.

Here are the front and back covers (the colour of the wooden path turned bizarrely purple during the upload; imagine it’s brownier):

And here are the insides:

The real thing looks a bit like this – except it’s made of card, not plastic:

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A few new Guardian pieces

16th June 2010, 16:55

- Ousted MP goes on the dole (Guardian, 11 June 2010)

- Politicians’ ties: why green is the new purple (G2, 9 June 2010)

- Spiderman saves London – in 4D (G2, 3 June 2010)

- Megan Fox’s mystery tattoo (G2, 2 June 2010)

- Johnny Marr interview (G2, 8 June 2010)

- Which costs more – a Ferrari, or this watch? (G2, 10 June 2010)

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“A government with some Lib Dem input is better than one without any at all.”

My new blogpost on Varsity.co.uk. [Update: December 2010: I was wrong.]

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How Blur’s drummer became a Labour candidate (Guardian, p.16-17, 27th April)

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“The media’s mephedrone coverage has been at best misinformed, and at worst wilfully misleading”: my new blogpost on Varsity.co.uk.

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More Guardian articles

21st April 2010, 14:20

Another couple of pieces in the Guardian:

- The sound of silence (Guardian, p.4, 16th April)

- Lap-dancing clubs may take cases to Strasbourg court (Guardian, p.12, 20th April)

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Guardian articles
– April 2010

11th April 2010, 17:29

I’ve written / co-written a few pieces for the Guardian this week:

- Local residents given powers to block lap-dancing clubs (Guardian, p.17, 7th April)

- North pole marathon due to begin (Guardian, p.20, 8th April)

- Youth Hostel Association may allow mixed-sex dorms (Guardian, p.17, 12th April)

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“Management’s high-handed treatment of student protestors at the University of Sussex has been nothing short of shameful.” Read the original at Varsity blogs.

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“Today’s graphic designers are indebted to Bauhaus aesthetics. So why have they eschewed their politics?” Read the original over at Varsity Blogs.

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